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Yacht Charter And Safety


 The luxury boat rental has always been handled with the utmost attention! Today this concept is even more marked given the international restrictions on safety of navigation and health prophylaxis! Therefore: moving in a highly professional way on these issues has now become an obligation specially in the nautical sector.

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All Large Yachts and the Most Prestigious Boats 


They are updated to the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships; also known as Marpol 73/78. In this regard, we invite you to deepen this useful information. 

With the Safe Yacht Rental Formula


We offer all the guarantees for a holiday always in the sun. Creating a work environment that reconciles with the critical issues of safety remains an open question. Thinking of renting a boat or making it available to a client, without imposing one's value as a fundamental aspect of the negotiation, would be inconsistent. At the same time, the guarantee of an always streamlined and immediate contract only include a moral incipit that contextualizes the meaning of the propositions of our Group.

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In the Pleasure Boating Sector


It structures have created speculative value within the nautical market. This sector, by its very nature, attracts subjects who: released from specifi legislation, capture and intercept work to the detriment of serious players. Our company: It affirms the principle of the free circulation of activities! Especially in the creative field but with this, we affirm too the value of a management of the nautical market according to the founding principles of the State and culture! Always inclined to respect the rules.

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Yacht Charter And Safety

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Rent a Boat in Total Safety‚Äč! Yacht Charter Italy. In this cadence, it is a concept that our company has developed as an alternative to the classic exchange between supplier and customer, given that: in its meaning (Italian Yacht Charter) it represent a service without uniqueness. In the culture of Italian development, creating a service that is identified in one sentence: Italian yacht charter precisely creates, the added value that reflects the power of will and passion that distinguish us. Therefore, on these fees, renting a boat in total safety is established as a reason.
Following the criterion for the creation of a service that has a strong identity, we can say that: Yacht Charter Italy, is for us an expression that describes a series of services offered by our company which include: protection of the person and the environment in navigation.These services are part of a precise business context that reflects the value that this market expresses; also from the human point of view. What is noted is that those who manage or simply rent a boat have a more critical inclination towards environmental issues. So; as a company we can only work using this criterion which is the philosophy of the Navigators.
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