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Eaconsea Benigno Crespi Street 19

20159 Milano Italy

20-22 Wenlock Road London 

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eaconsea yacht charter report

Yacht Charter in Spain Between Sun and Moon


We are in Spain gentlemen! The story that buzzes in your head is yours; yes! The kingdom of the night! The homeland of the sun! in these parts it is mandatory to be "alive" in short! We are in Spain! Sangria por favor! Young! Beautiful! Invincible this is the land of bulls gentleman and flamenco! Today Spain still retains a formidable vitality and to feel it, to live it, choose to do it aboard a fast boat! So as not to miss a single night; you will be everywhere! They will have seen you in two islands in the same night and in the same hour, this is the witness! The story that will live forever within you! This is how to live! Spain gentlemens is the memory of joy! There is no price.

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sestante stilizzato
sestante stilizzato calmao%20catamaran%20deck%20.jpegcalamao%20catamaran%20interior%20.jpeg
Stylized boat
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Sunreef 2017 /2021 Refit
Guests 9
Cabins 4
Crew 3
Measures 22.56 x 10.5m
Charter from EUR 42.000,00   /Week
eaconsea yacht charter report
motoryachtyacht with open slidemotor yacht for rentdive into the sea from the yachtyacht night lightingsailboat at anchorsailboat with stern wind
ancient spanish sailing ship

Motor yachts
Sunseeker 2007
Guests 8
Cabins 4
Crew 3
Length 25m
Also available in Spain
Charter from EUR 29.500,00   /Week

Spain Yacht Charter Your Singularity


The story of the nights in Spain concerns all those have had the good fortune to travel. This theme, reaches us when we are with our friends, and a need catches us, the parfume tickles our nose and calls us, but it is not enough we need more, “chef we still have rum in the galley” of course Doc! Then sit in the stern with your glass; the warm wind will come again today, and you will pick up the perfect moment, your singularity. On board our yachts there will always be a perfect moment! This is the guarantee.


Sail boat
Maxi dolphin 2013 /2021 Refit
Guests 12
Cabins 5
Crew 4
Length 30.5m
Mediterranean Sea
Charter from EUR 56.000.00   /Week

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The Coast Of The Sun Where The Routes End The Day Begin


This poetic attempt wants to tell a non-mortal place, a green leaf floating offshore, alive! Despite everything, yes everything! You have chosen to get off your boat and face the Torremolinos night! What a gamble! It seemed normal! A beer some friends and the only thing you remember is a cigarette and a green leaf! Psychology no longer exists! The meaning is lost and you have followed it! Well! So you had no escape! As soon as you wake up, the captain, has summarized the route, but yours is now mystical. Eaconsea Yacht charter the only one available.

eaconsea yacht charter report
eaconsea yacht charter report tou%20tou%20catamaran%20deck%20.jpegtou%20tou%20catamaran%20interior%20.jpeg

Also in Spain We Recommend Our Formula


Fredom! The engine of the world captains know it well! They live this condition, it is their world, yours, is a great success but those words of pink floyd still resonate: wish you were here! Take the world on a boat but do it now. Eaconsea yacht charter.

Lagoon 2020
Guests 8
Cabins 4
Crew 2
Length 18.9 x 10 m
Balearic - Spain
Charter from EUR 26.500.00   /Week

The Safety of a Connected Engine


In Spain, our group is developing fast, thanks too the linguistic ease that favors cultural exchange. Recently, the Ecs Group, has entered into agreements with some companies of the Costa Brava and Balearics. The objective, is to build support logistics (in particular on integrated services) this; could solve any technical problem on board in a few hours! These factors, will create the conditions to increase the level of reliability of the routes in the westernmost area of the Mediterranean.

stern sailboat
Ibiza And The Spanish Vitality On Your Boat


The breadth of Eaconsea's services is always developing! In this sense, dedicating moments to the people of the night is the first step to take on that energy. The companies of public relations on the Spanish territory are very active (especially in the summer period) the recommendation we make, concerns the organizational capacity of  some companies.

Renting a yacht in Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera, it requires organization! You must have the situation in hand! Many negative aspects of Europe are pouring in these parts, obviously, we are talking about crime mainly linked to drugs To remedy these issues the experience of professionals (with whom you will have the pleasure of sailing) will support your serenity.



We suggest WhatsApp in particular for boats over 20 meters. Spain is also integrated into the yacht charter global service project 

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stylized boat
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