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Once you have sent your e-mail to: with the photos, the price and the technical sheet of your boat; we remind you that the rates will be harmonized with an increase of 25-30% (percentages subject to market variations for the high season in the Mediterranean area) remember to do this calculation before sending your request! Out of season base. From an operational point of view, contact will be managed only when the customer is already interested in the characteristics of your boat. We also remind you that the property reservation must be made to the email address . Only in the case of an already active contract.

Yacht business development and management

The organization of digital directories (in the field of research for the end customer) develops on an economic hierarchy in functional algorithm. The boats will be presented on a paid digital basis (with investment priority) and in three different categories. Details attached to the contract. X Y K /// X = 1 out of 9 Y = 2 out of 9 K = 3 out of 9. Contracts are distributed privately only with an application to and with the attached name of the owner or company conducting the boat and after payment, the negotiated amount.

Contract signature

Reservation of properties on listed boats

The booking of a boat on the list (owned by you) implies: a managerial alteration of the normal procedures (here the owner is reminded to use the same booking criteria used in the contractual fees). To facilitate the organizational processes (book at least one month in advance) we remind you that this item is found in the contract that you have signed as an agreement not engraved! Hence, it remains a decision making process at your discretion.

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Economic agreement on leasing and nautical charter

In compliance with the contract signed by the owner! There are no percentage changes in terms of time. However, the chargeability of changes to the agreements made will be provided for in charter contracts beyond 2 months, for which the out-of-contract negotiations between Eaconsea and the owner or company conducting the boat or pleasure vessel will be valid.

Wallet of the ECS Group in participation

The Ecs Group (as guarantor of strategic development in the Mediterranean area) suggests: opening the relationship with the yacht wallet, from a programmatic perspective, this will allow to amplify those market dynamics: recognizable and bearers of asset development! this; it will bring stability to the group by promoting better and more effective long-term operations, favoring, in the first instance, the Italian market.

Shared competence and evolution of the contracts

The Ecs Group: always active in formation! Today, he suggests to his clients to pay attention to the opportunity that the changes underway in the Mediterranean are generating. Tax compliance (determined between EU countries) will soon develop concrete opportunities for launching new initiatives. As already known, our Group is working on the concept of integration! To create a commercial macro area that is also relevant for small investors. In this regard, we invite you to take a look at the pageEvolution of Contracts page to get an idea of ​​the critical factors of the market, in order to identify the value of the topics covered. The issues under management do not only concern the value of the Group as a private company, but are aligned with the concept of distribution! This inevitably leads to share operations that will be introduced according to the criterion (tender offer) the reasons can be guessed on simple supply and demand data. Here Eaconsea Gruppo ECS joins on the starting line to train possible investors on the market value (without commitment).

Stylized boat

The information shown here is part of a process of integration of individual economic figures in the nautical sector, in a broader commercial structure, with ordinary management rules. For those who want to create an economic profit with their own boat! The global increase related to economic asset on yacht charter services, offer us an important opportunity! We remain at your disposal for any clarification

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