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Details on private contracts and safe navigation:


The terms and safeguards that refer to sailing are obviously managed always by specific professionals. What we want to clarify here, are some elements in favor of the shipowner that identify the key benefits of insurance in use on the various yachts. 

The world: the insured, despite his holiday taking place for example in the Mediterranean Sea, will have protection on the entire globe. This aspect is not negligible given that for these boats the Strait of Gibraltar is always in range. Another important aspect that can favor the owner and his guests is to know what are the always valid conditions that the insurance company offers on the contract. These are only practical advice, reality is often more complex and obviously these aspects do not concern only yacht charter but they align with the general insurance terms! above which we leave room for the competence of our clients' lawyers.

Contracts on luxury yacht charters


The general conditions and safety will be fully managed by the captain of the ship. The contractual terms especially on yachts of such a high level, could not be managed differently. The charter contract becomes almost a plural formality. In particular on these issues we refer to the management of the ship, in the terms in which the object of the contract is presented. Drawing up a contract with the customer assuming responsibility would be redundant, if not in relation to civic behavior and the care of personal effects. Therefore distributing a contract on the charter from eaconsea's point of view would obviously be an ephemeral and of little value, therefore, in contradiction to superfluous formalities, we are committed as a business project to always keep our contracts in a streamlined form to facilitate usability immediate of the content. 

Standard contracts on luxury yacht  


Contracts for luxury charters context provide for controlled shareholdings! Which means that charter service advisors may have to deal with a private negotiation with an exchange of guarantee before service. In short the scambio of contracts guaranteeing reciprocity, the condition for which the signature of acceptance is supported by contractual reciprocity which satisfies only the strengthening of the guarantees of inviolability of the data shown on the sheet.

Yacht charter with simple contract


For several years standard contracts have been in use which also facilitate the normal use of services. These contracts have now been structured and despite having gaps, they satisfy most of the market context. In line with the value time Eaconsea also provides these contracts as a standard on nautical charter, always addressing the customer with corporate values and historical context that facilitate the negotiation and make it solvent in a few minutes. The ECS Group affirms these issues as in line with its standard and confirms the work.

Management of mega yachts with guest in flight


The Mediterranean Sea has always been a particular place in a small basin where the great international star system is concentrated. The management of some guests is clearly complex, some of them travel with an armed escort, therefore, the issues are also complicated by the movements at sea between the western Mediterranean and the eastern Mediterranean! The usability of simplified agreements becomes artificial. On these issues, Eaconsea, with the support of some jet taxi companies, offers only management guarantees. The commitment of our company ends when the guests take off. The contractual revisions for the unified management of the charter will not be available.

Territorial confinement of pleasure vessels with armed escort 


The suggestion of our society is to choose where to spend one's vacation also in territorial terms but above all on the border. If the need for an armed escort on board becomes essential, the declaration that we make here is to contact the authorities of the countries planned for yours itinerary when signing the contract. Our company ignores this detail for contingent reasons but despite this deviation, it will still be possible to request a map (where possible) in 3D for the safety assessments of the boat.


(In contradiction to this article, the supporting information will be guaranteed)

Ancient map of the Mediterranean Sea

The transition of our society, (in fiscal terms) to the single market; proceeds in the direction of the Italian market, this is to avoid distorting the development process that our company has at heart. In the last two years the Ecs Group has created the conditions to facilitate this transition. to integrate the full title of the Italian signature on the brand also for planning and design! The reasons are strategic but do not refer to technological skills.

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