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Eaconsea Benigno Crespi Street 19

20159 Milano Italy


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Figurehead in wood
Figurehead in wood
mega yacht with helicopter

Eaconsea was born from Lo Iacono Filippo's passion for the sea. By renting a yacht with our group, you will have all the boats available in just a few steps! Thanks to our collaborations with some air transport companies, you will have the opportunity to bring your guests directly on board throughout the Mediterranean. The recommendation is always the same: never without ecs yacht!

Stylized boat

 Flying Fox: An Unforgettable Chapter in Yachting History


Only the greats of history can access this ship. It is shared that some of the richest men in the world peek out on this boat. Some wealthy entrepreneurs already own yachts, but the cabins are sometimes not enough, and an alternative must be found. We are sure that your guests will have nothing to complain about. Flying Fox some regal cabins await you to take you to another world.

Ecs Group was born from the desire to provide a new approach to yacht rental, freeing itself from standards that prevent owners from obtaining better performance. Offering guests fewer restrictions on the charter period.

Yacht Charter Ecs Concept

This market embodies the concept of excellence! In human history, expressing a fragment of this excellence has always been the driving force that has allowed man to extract art from stone. Our collaborators are immersed in this concept. We are what our customers are looking for.

catamarancatamaran deckcatamarancatamarancatamarancatamaran
Workers at work. Painting
Naval propeller
Naval propeller

Pleasure sailing and yacht charter Mediterranean countries

Greece Croatia Franch Riviera Malta Morocco Monaco Italy Montenegro Slovenia Spain Tunisia Turkey

We remind you that the crews are selected. The personnel prepared by professionals in the sector on the basis of specific requirements of privacy and professionalism.

Super yacht projectAerial view yacht at nightDesign sailboatYacht profile in navigationMotor boat seen in profilesuper yacht moored with helicopter boat seen from afar
Filippo Lo Iacono general manager ECS Group

Filippo Lo Iacono

General Manager

Dr. Davide Margarito asset consultant
william cossu.jpeg

Dr. Davide Margarito

Asset Consultant

William Cossu

Western Mediterranean Manager 

Martina responsible for relations with the public

Cleiver Colombat 

Caribbean Sea Manager

Martina C. Public Relation


Corinna Dong Asian Market Relationship Manager

C. Dong

Asian Market Relationship Manager

decorative Roman period aqueduct
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