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Eaconsea Benigno Crespi Street 19

20159 Milano Italy

20-22 Wenlock Road London 

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Over 1000 Boats In Luxury Style 


We inform you that some of the yachts may no longer be available for charter it will be our pleasure to find solutions similar to the proposals presented here.​


On Luxury Yacht Charter


Stand out as a company in this market (for us who negotiate the terms of price and the variables related to the logistics of the guests) is a challenge! The lesson of Eaconsea: it mainly concerns the negotiating power (in particular on the most important boats) in fact, for a long time now the specialization on price has become a central topic! Obviously, every year the rates undergo alterations that are not always distinguishable, in this perspective and to avoid misunderstandings the Ecs Group and the satellite companies will guarantee the official price lists only that will be provided to the customer during the negotiations.



Aria I ex Regina​ is a 56m sailboat until bowsprit with a draft of 4m. Built in 2011, she can sail with 12 guests divided into 6 cabins including 2 owners and 3 VIP. She can travel at a cruising speed of 14 knots, Charter unlocked at Eur 75.000,00 Price subject to seasonal variations to be understood exclusive of VAT and extraordinary expenses excluded.

queen sailing ship for hirequeen yacht interior with pianoqueen sailing ship for hirequeen sailing ship for hirequeen sailing ship for hirequeen sailing ship for hirequeen sailing ship for hire

Vertige is a 50-meter motor yacht built in 2017 by tankoa yacht! A vessel for 12 guests divided into 6 cabins of the highest prestige with 9 permanent crew members. Charter unlocked at Eur 250,000 per week excluding VAT and excluding extraordinary costs.

Vertige motor yacht interior khalilahinterior vertige yacht vertige yacht

Variables for Rental Yachts Price List

Officially there are few price lists on the market! Most of the work is developed on customer support, which creates, in spite of himself, constant alterations on the logistics, due to the number of people in charge. This alone detects the time applied to the customer! therefore lists and prices often become speculative

Non-operational boats

We apologize to customers for the inconvenience caused by the impossibility of obtaining the desired boat. It rarely happens now that a specific boat is not accessible for various reasons! In fact, the arrival of the summer period now coincides with a rather effective organization (always leaving hope that boats arrive at the warm period in perfect condition) this obviously is an understandable emotional factor, often customers look for the same boat from year to year in this regard, the knowledge of the most similar boats between of them can make difference.

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Advice and alternative proposals on the luxury yacht charter

If the customer desires, it is possible to ask for checks on the On Board services; obviously, the difficulty in most cases s that: customers are unconventional personalities and for this reason; often, not inclined to social communication! In any case, for each boat will have the most detailed information that can be found.

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Is a 48 meter long motor boat with a width of 11 traveling at a cruising speed of 18 knots built in 2015 in the Palmer Johnson shipyard can accommodate 11 people in 5 cabins with 9 crew members. The configurations are 2 Master 1 vip 1 double 1 twin 1 single.

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11 Guest

5 Cabins

decorative cockade
Unconventional Price  list and luxury charter

We know that In some cases, an environment of great enthusiasm develops on board, the reasons are various: the crisp sea air for example! In short, for a reason that has no real context, on these boats we see these dynamics! Eaconsea as a service company is perfectly aligned with these natural processes and in this context it avails itself of the collaboration of some companies that promote the presence of artists on board.
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Yacht private listings and start of services

Every form of professionalism is successful when the customer chooses his experience! This projection to introduce a factor charged to those most recognized corporate entities. Especially at the beginning a company creates services that are already seen, by harming the most distributed company figures. Today companies in the starter phase in the nautical sector are developing new forms of navigation so to speak that will tilt the old standards of luxury both in communication and in development processes. The update mainly involves elements of usability of the information that together with the Ecs group we will be happy to offer you.


Always a protagonist in Sardinia, this 36.25 MT yacht awaits you for a suggested itinerary in northern Sardinia from Stintino to the Bocche di Bonifacio passing through la Maddalena, this yacht will allow you a top holiday between speed and luxury.

yacht musa sardiniamuse yacht interioryacht musa disponibile per il chartermuse yacht interioryacht muse in fast sailingmuse yacht interiormusa yacht for rent maddalena island
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9 Guest

5 Cabins

5 Crew

Very fast yacht! you will be everywhere in no time with the comfort of an exclusive environment. Top speed 43 knots. This boat unlocks the charter at Eur 75,000.00 in high season. With 5 cabins including 1 for the owner 2 vip 1 double and one single, this boat offers great comfort that are added to her excellent technical performance. 

formula always with you with the three logos airplane, helicopter. and antenna



 6 Cabins

Leisure Activities

18 Crew

12 Guest

This yacht takes up the challenge of the giants of the sea with its 72 meters in length it is certainly a formidable colossus; elegant, rich and spectacular with over 11 meters of width where you can find all the Tankoa experience in guaranteeing elegance on a "floating platform" where you can swing for a week with about € 730,000. Only yacht is also available for the western Mediterranean we remind you for your organization that this ship moves at a speed of 15 knots in cruise.

Pleasure Sailing and Yacht Charter Mediterranean Islands


Euboea  Elba  Island  Pantelleria  Lampedusa  Capri  Ischia  Majorca  Sardinia  Santorini  Sicily  Ibiza  Minorca  Corfù  Mykonos  Rhodes  Naxos  Formentera  Stromboli  Lemnos  Paros  Andros  Malta  Salamis  Corsica  Ustica  Aeolian  French Riviera

In the yacht list we find stable prices with difficulty! Without wishing to criticate the price management! The Ecs Group can guarantee only the list that will be presented to the customer during the negotiation phase. The global services on yacht charter is always garanted.

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We recommend in any case to advance the booking as much as possible. ll th

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