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We would like to remind you that the boats displayed here are just examples. Please feel free to contact us for any type of need.


Motor Yacht
Sanlorenzo 2021
Guests 9
Cabins 4
Crew 3
Length 26.7m
Charter from EUR 55,000.00 /Week

Sailing yachts
Swan 90S 2009-2023 Refit
Guests 8
Cabins 4
Crew 3
Length 27.71 m
Mediterranean Sea
Charter From EUR 40,000.00 /Week

Sunreef Yachts 2018
10 guests
Cabins 5
Measures 18.3m x 10.2m

Charter from EUR 34,000.00 /Week 

Choose Your Yacht

Every individual finds themselves at a crossroads when planning their cruise to Italy. Imagine for a moment having to choose between beautiful Venice and “divine” Tuscany! How can we navigate the complex simplicity of modern life to decide a course? Perhaps the answer can be found in the flip of a coin! After all, how could we say no to the love of Venice or the culture of Tuscany. 


Above The Boat


When we’re on the right course, the destination becomes less important, a well understood feeling in the Bermuda Triangle! Despite the apparent tranquility of a vacation, guests aboard a cruise often find themselves lost in space and time! The journey is never complete, and the curse of the first moon can never overcome the captain’s courage.

Interior Beneteau Oceanis 48Data Sheet Beneteau Oceanis 48Beneteau Oceanis 48Beneteau Oceanis 48

It’s always exciting to introduce a Beneteau! A leading company in sailboat manufacturing with over a century of experience. In this instance, we’re showcasing an Oceanis 48 available in Liguria (remember, if you’re a fan of this type of boat, our group can help you find it along all Italian coasts). With a length of 14.40 meters, a width of 4.74 meters, and a 75 horsepower engine, this boat can accommodate 10 people across 5 cabins. Onboard, you’ll find a dinghy, depth sounder, and stern sundeck.

This boat is available for charter at €6,000 (all-inclusive) for a week during the peak season (31 July - 21 August). However, if you can plan your vacation in July, the price could drop by up to 25%. We’re delighted to help you prepare for your cruise.

Suspended Boat

In Italy it is not uncommon to feel the sensation of being trapped between different worlds or eras. At sea there is a unique sense of movement that seems to merge and extend time offering altered perceptions and universality. This reconciliation with the environment translates time in ever-changing ways, offering evocative experiences that catapult us somewhere like Italy in the 1960s. During this era, for many (probably the luckiest) the light was immersed in the unlimited virtuosity of freedom.

Chronicles of a Captain


The fear that emerges will not have the power to weaken the captain’s resolve! It won’t be able to lead him to places his heart hasn’t already explored! It won’t be able to halt his spirit! We pen these words in honor of the waves that carry the battle cries of warriors to us! The symphony of the captain, of the authentic captain.

Boat enthusiasts gather around the fire


For those who are always undecided about the choice of boat or the essential maneuver, we want to remind you to give the waters a chance! This opportunity is real, immediate, and convivial.

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